Tuesday, June 3, 2008

books, books everywhere

I love libraries.
What a smart concept. Reading has been something that I have been able to spend some time doing, since I have some extra of it. In the past week I have finished "The Broken Heart" by Bruce C. Hafen, "Xenocide" by Orson Scott Card, and I have justs started "Live the Good Life" by Thomas S. Monson. Hmmm...but two of those books are actually ones that I bought, not checked out...I'm building my own, personal library.

Oh, and we get to head off to Florida next week for Jeff and Alison's wedding, how exciting!

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Sharee said...

I just got a library card yesterday and I am STOKED. Have a blast in Florida, post pictures so that I can be jealous. By the way, I did fix my computer the very night it happened, I just thought I would blog about it. Tell Curt thanks, it was real sweet for him to explain it to me.

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