Saturday, June 7, 2008

wandering around U of M

So, we are trying to sell my 4runner. This week I filled it's gas tank up for the first time since March, which led me to wondering why in the world we have two vehicles. Even with my new job I don't's near Curt's work so he just drops me off in the morning. I can either wait for him to pick me up after work or ride the bus (I can ride for free with my new U of M ID card) to wherever I want.

Well, Thursday after I got off work I walked around the University of Michigan campus (which, by the way, is HUGE) and took pictures of some of the cool buildings. I will have to do this more though, because I only covered a portion of campus.

This is the Power Auditorium, right next to the power plant.

Ann Arbor has trees everywhere, it is beautiful.

You know this girl can't pass a construction site without drooling over the cool cranes.

The bell tower. Kind of random, doesn't match the buildings around it at all.

Some cool building with copper flashing and rain gutters.

Same building, it had nifty stained glass panes.

Same building, awful cool doorway.

New building with to die for brick details (see following detail pic).

Another building with cool brick work and other details.

A house just chilling in between big campus buildings.

This is the "lawyers club". I took like a million pictures of it because I love it so much (don't worry, I didn't put all one million on here).

This is the Law Research Building, right next to the Lawyer's Club. It looks like an old, gothic church. Beautiful.


Shauna said...

I can see why you would take lots of photos of this building. Even in pictures, it looks incredible!

Carmen said...

Too true...those last two buildings are exactly how I like them best.

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