Monday, April 28, 2008

My standby...

When I have nothing to blog about my next option is to dig out old pictures. I love pictures. Curt doesn't understand how I can look at my electronic or scrapbook pictures for hours, but I can and do. Today's selection comes from some pictures that my dad had that were so stuck to old sticky pages (you know the kind) that I had to scan the whole page and then go through and make a separate cropped file for each picture. My mom tells me that she is working on scanning in all of her pictures (she has a HUGE plastic tub filled with them), I look forward to stealing the files from her.

*Disclaimer: I'm sorry to any family members who I mislabel, I'm doing my best. Sometimes though it's a complete guess by trying to decide who would be what age/size at a particular time period. Feel free to correct me, in fact I would appreciate it.

David, Sheila, Marsha, Cindy, and then my Dad, Steve, in the back.
Apparently he didn't get the memo that red was the color of the day.

Back: Roger, David, Barbie (holding Angie I presume), Bev (holding Von?), and Bob
Cindy, Sheila, Grandpa (Eugene), Marsha, my Dad, and then Greg(?) up front

Bev and Sheila(?)

Ha, everyone looking cool in front of that super neat car.
(Dad's the one in the middle of the hood)

David, Bev, Barbie, Roger, and then Dad looking all adorable up front.

Another view of the cool car. I love how my Dad is wearing what looks like Converse sneakers and how David has his arm around (Sheila, Marsha?).

David, Grandma (June), Bev, Dad
Cindy, Marsha, Sheila

Barbie, Grandpa holding Marsha, Bev, Grandma holding Cindy, David?, and Dad with Sheila up front.

Bev, Marsha, David, Sheila

Grandma, David, Bev, Dad
Cindy, Marsha, and Sheila


Shauna said...

These are totaly treasures. I am in to the whole scanning phase also. It will take me all year, but I am working on it! Got Jeff's wedding CD photos all scanned! That was a start!

Carmen said...

way to go Shauna, I'll steal your files when your done too!

Karalee Ann said...

I told my mom to go to your blog and look at these pictures. She was excited to look at them! Thanks for posting them!

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