Sunday, April 6, 2008

Down on the farm...

We spent a lot of time at my grandparent's farm in Sugarville (ha ha, a "suburb" of Delta) when I was growing up. So, in tribute, here are some pictures from over the years.
When I brought Curt down there (at the ripe, old age of 23), it was his first real experience being on a farm. I married a city boy.

My Daddy as a baby

Dad in front of the house

You can see a little bit of David and a little bit of Lane in Daddy in this picture.

Grandpa and Dad

Me, Dad, and Mom in the living room

Grandpa, Lane, and Dad

Mom, Lane, Melynda, Me
There were always a ton of kittens born each year if you could track them down in the old sheds. We got adept at finding them.

Grandma, Lane, Me, Grandpa, Melynda, David, Mom

Easter Sunday.
Melynda, Lane, David, Me


Sharee said...

I LOVE the pics! Just how I remember everyone. Your mom and dad were just so cute when they were younger. Man, we are getting old.

Carmen said...

Amen to the us getting old!

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