Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Going Blonde

This here is my natural hair color. Which happened to be what my hair color was this morning.

I have been contemplating a change for a little while now, but I didn't want to go darker, like it was for my wedding.

So I went a tiny bit lighter. Really subtle, I know; but it makes me happy.
And I may go lighter still as summer approaches.

My hair dyeing theory is different from most people's. I hate it when you can see roots growing out. I also don't want to be chained to dyeing my hair every couple weeks. Plus, I have some natural highlights in the top layer of my hair that are always there (though they get more prominent in the summer) that I love and don't want to dye.
My solution to all of these problems?
I only dye the underneath part of my hair, never the hair on the top and the crown of my head.

I also dye my own hair. I've never had anyone else do it. I like my $10 price.


Shauna said...

It looks beautiful!!!!!!!

Emily and Nikolas said...

Love the new color, it looks really great! How do you manage to just dye part of your hair without getting any on the top layer? Do you just clip it up and that works well? I'm with you and can't stand roots that are a different color. And that is why I've resisted dying my hair again since my wedding in 2005 but you just made me throw my excuse out the window... well after our baby is born anyway.

staci annie said...

lookin good!

Carmen said...

Yeah, I just twist the hair I don't want to dye into a tight bun on the top of my head and wrap an elastic around it. Looks goofy, but it works.

Shauna and Stace,
Thanks guys!

Julie said...

HEY! Lame of me I know, that I only left like 20 minutes ago, and here I am on your blog! :)

That's such a clever idea, to only dye it underneath! Tricky! I'll have to notice when you're hair is down.

Anonymous said...

Smart girl! It looks great. It was fun hanging out last night. You missed out on the games was hilarious! Anyway..I'll put you on my list. We should get together soon!

Sharee said...

Of course it looks FANTASTIC! I also really like your theory on hair, very practical and smart. I may look into it myself...

Cathi said...

I like it!!
Good job Miss DYI.

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