Thursday, January 24, 2008's almost here

My getting to move to Michigan that is.

Tonight my Mom and Shaners came over with two nice, strong, teenage boys from their ward, Jason and Dillon, to help me wrap all the big furniture for the stowing away in a Relo-Cube. Last year when we moved Curt and I tried to wrap the leather couches by ourselves...several sweat drenched hours later it was accomplished. This go around all the big items (the couches, the dressers, and the 2 glass tabletops) were done in like an hour. Fantastic.

I will spend this weekend packing all the rest of the house into boxes. The 2 Relo-Cubes from ABF will be dropped off on Monday evening, then some guys from the elders quorum will come over Tuesday night to spend a 1/2 hour or so carrying the heavy stuff. Wednesday night will be spent cleaning the house till it gleams, then on to last day of work! We (Me, mom, Shaners, and possibly Melynda) will then head to Phoenix for a week of work and play at the grandparents.

Feb. 7th is when Dad and I will start the drive to Michigan, hopefully getting there Saturday evening. Dad flies out Sunday then Curt and I fly out to Florida Monday for my second week in a tropical place during February. Not too shabby.

At any rate, that's a lot of cross country travel stuffed into the next little bit. I'll have to count all the states I go through.

*P.S. We listed with a real estate agent today..and they've already loaded a panoramic tour through our house. Click on the link at the top right of our blog (or click here) to see. It looked like that at 1:00 pm...then like the following pictures right now.*

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Shauna said...

Wow! It is really here! Good Luck with all the loose ends!

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