Monday, January 14, 2008

Some pictures from my cross country drive...

This past week has been pretty normal here in Michigan, but definitely one of the lonelier times I have had in a while. I figured I would post some pictures from my trip and from while I am here.

While on my drive, I decided to take a short detour into Lincoln, NE and visit the Cornhuskers football stadium. You can see the new side from the freeway (the stadium was originally built in like 1923, but the old side isn't visible from the highway).

This is the entrance to the athletes gym and offices (on the Northwest corner of the stadium)

They actually have a self-directed tour that you can enter the stadium any time and take pictures. I wasn't able to get on the field, they were clearing the snow.This is a statue made after one of their National Championships in the '90s. It is a bunch of Nebraska players tackling another guy. They beat us pretty bad one of those years, so I was afraid that there was going to be a Gators logo on the helmet of the guy getting tackled, thankfully it was a generic no-team helmet. (I wonder if UF had a statue like this for after last year they it would be to remember how many times we sacked Heisman QB Troy Smith).

The day after I drove through Lincoln, I was going to go through South Bend, Indiana and snap some shots of 'touchdown Jesus' at Notre dame. It was really foggy though, so Carmen agreed to go there with me since it is only like 2-3 hours from Ann Arbor.

As for other pictures from the drive, I think this one sums up the majority of the trip:
Nebraska has got to be the most boring state to drive through. I take that back, Texas is worse, at least you can get through Nebraska in one day without pushing it. Iowa was better than Nebraska, but not by much. I got stuck in Des Moines during rush hour the day after they had their caucuses, but I don't think I had to go slower than 55 miles per hour. Illinois is a very pretty drive, but I don't have any good pictures.

Even though I thoroughly studied the maps of Ann Arbor before coming here, I have gotten lost quite a few times simply because there are so many trees you can't tell what is near you, and the roads are much less straight than I am used to. Here are some pictures I have taken since I've gotten to Michigan:

This is the typical view from the road, even when you are driving in the middle of a city. My office is right off the highway, but I had to take the exit before I realized there were a bunch of buildings there. I had to take pictures of dense foliage since Carmen really likes trees. There isn't much to look at now when there are no leaves, but I am excited for Spring and Summer!
This is a barn I took a picture of while driving. I don't know why, but I thought it looked cool (most of the pictures I have taken here have been in the car, I'm not one to stop to take a picture, especially when it is cold outside).

This is my new office. It looks old, but the building is only a few years old. I don't have any pictures of my office or anything, but it is nice, we have bamboo floors through the lobby area and I am in the corner right behind the pile of snow (which has since melted).
This is the library in Ypsilanti, a town just east of Ann Arbor, where we will possibly be buying home. I drove by it and had to stop to see what it was, since it such a cool looking building (again, picture taken from in the car).
This is the cemetery across the street from the motel I am staying at until Carmen gets here (and probably for a short while after she gets here too, it's very cheap and in a nice location).

I will post more pictures as I take them. I have plenty more of the Nebraska stadium for Jeff, and lots of pictures of houses I am looking at out here. I am not a fan of this whole living across the country from my wife thing...I won't be doing this again, even though it is only for a month.

Oh, and in other month I have to go out of town from some training. Typically from here, they send people to Cincinnati, but I found out I get to go to my home town of Wellington, FL. How sweet is that! Not only does my family live there, but I get a free trip to Florida from Michigan in February! You can't argue with that. If only Carmen could meet me there somehow...oh well, probably not since that is the week she will be driving here while I am in training.

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My summers drivng across Kansas and Nebraska were equally exciting. We are so excited to see you soon!

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