Sunday, January 13, 2008


More older pictures. I think these are all from 2003.

Christmas at Dad and Jann's. David, Shane (cute and tiny), Tony, and Lane.

Shane all curled up in a laundry basket. You don't realize how big he's getting until you see how little he was.

My Lane Sleeping.

My Daddy and Shaners.

David, Lane, and Tony being tough and helping Dad pull cables for some generators.

Dad, Jann, Tony, David, and Lane at the family reunion that year. I haven't made it to a reunion since I was 16, but my goal is to make it to this years.

David, Grandma L, and Lane

Lane and his "escort", Shane, when he was up for Prom royalty.

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Carmen said...

Ha, I am a royal dork. Curt pointed out to me that for the first little while of it's existence it said these pictures were from 1993...Shane wasn't even born then and I was in 3rd grade. So, needless to say, 2003 is the correct date for these pictures.

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