Monday, January 14, 2008

My cute husband...

OK, so I miss Curt. The distance is making me all sappy and nostalgic. (Not too much, of course, or I would have to puke). But for your viewing pleasure here is a picture of the two of us. Right before I went to Phoenix for the summer for my internship with Fulton Homes, we went down to my grandparents farm to see them and go 4-wheeling. This is at about month 5 of the second round of dating (Yes, we both were fickle, we ended up having had three Valentines Days together before we married).

Look, he had hair (ha ha ha, I am sooo funny. Now I will fully deserve any fat jokes he has to offer when in the future I am pregnant. Love you sweetheart.)


Shauna said...

This looks like so much fun!

staci annie said... precious! that's funny you guys had 3 valentines days together. clark and i didn't have one until we were married!

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