Friday, January 18, 2008


After 2 weeks, I am settled in to my new job and can comfortably navigate my way through town. The people I work with are great, I feel like we have known each other much longer than just two weeks. Perhaps the big difference between working with people here vs. Salt Lake City is that people from work do a lot more things together here. In Utah, everyone leaves work and goes home. In the 18 months I was with my company in Utah, I did things with people from work a grand total of two times outside of work, and then it was with spouses included. Here, people get together at least two nights each week. My first night after work, we went out to watch the national championship football game with 5 or 6 other people from work. Since our office is next door to the Macaroni Grill, people will frequently go have a drink or two before going home (I enjoy my Diet Coke). This has been good for me, because I have been able to get to know my coworkers better, and take my mind off my wife being across the country from me.

One piece of exciting news is around my upcoming training. Typically for our trainings, we are sent to Cincinnati for a week since that is our closest training facility. It also would have been nice to be there and see our friends Brock and Britney. For some reason, however, I get to go to Wellington, Florida for a week. The best vacations are the ones where someone else is paying, so I am excited. Even better is that I am staying an extra 4 days and Carmen will be meeting me there for the entire time! Living in Michigan, I can't imagine anything better than a free trip to Florida in February with my wife.

That's about all that's exciting here. I take the GMAT tomorrow morning, and I am feeling really good about it. I have been doing well on the practice tests (670-780), so if reality matches what I have been preparing for, I should do well. One of my coworkers is currently in the program I want to get into and is introducing me to some people on the board of admissions, so that won't hurt either. Sorry no pictures this time, I should have some of 'The Big House' soon.

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