Thursday, December 1, 2016


{Home Depot activity}

{washing machine watching}

{nature walk before conference}

{baby snuggling}

{chore payment calculations...divvying up tithing, savings, spending}

{cool baby}

 {Evie's field trip}


{corn pit}

{being cute}

{picnic at the end of a Saturday I spent painting the exterior the new gray color...we've accomplished a lot on the inside of the house, now working on the outside}

{driveway drawings}

{park playing}

{helping with the organ}

{we got 'booed' and there were scary teeth and fun sticker mustaches in the packet}

{prepped for the ward Halloween party the primary was in charge of, I had all of the kids make the decor we hung}

{beautiful start to Autumn}

{McKay turned 2}

 {Des helping me spread pine straw, the Georgia mulch}

{we had 100 bales delivered}

{McKay ran into my face and accidentally got a kiss mark}

{pumpkin carving}

{when previous homeowners had an addition put on, the contractor didn't prep well enough for concrete so parts had sunk (you can see the worst above). We had a company come in who drilled holes, pumped in a cement laced mud mixture to float it back to the correct level, then repaired the holes}

{after. I need to put grout and a sealant in the cracks, but at least now things are the correct slope and direct water away from the house}


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