Saturday, December 31, 2016


Christmas Eve Curt found mom's copy of the classic claymation Rudolph and introduced the kids to it.

We woke up to a white Christmas, with several inches of new snow on the ground.

{Evie in her new dress from grandma, which she had to don immediately}

We went to church for an abbreviated hour service (Dad, Jann, Melynda, Zan, their kids, David, and Kelsi joined).
Curt accompanied Shane and three of his friends in singing 'we three kings' during the meeting.

{new snow!!}

Everyone came to mom's afterwards for cinnamon rolls and visiting.
Lane and Kinsey met us there, Lane had woken up with pink eye so they didn't join us at church.

{Lane with his swollen eye and Zan with his healing cheek (skin cancer removal)}

I got a few pictures of the whole group with the camera timer: 

Then the kids all wanted to play in the snow. 

{it wasn't sticky snowman building snow}

{Lane and Kinsey found out they're having a GIRL in May, so excited for them}

{love, love the cousin time that gets to happen}

We had a big holiday dinner that night with Melynda and her family (with Ellie, Mia, and Jex since they were back from their other parents').
And then we flew back to Atlanta on an early flight the next morning.
Such a good trip and I miss everyone already. 

 We did a second Christmas at home.
(we hadn't wanted to drag everything across the country and back)

And spent lots of time playing with new toys.

{'a plate of fruit', by Des. Done with new art supplies from Grandma Hoss}

When our mail hold expired we got a pile of Christmas cards (my favorite!), and a package from uncle Andrew containing many things, including these noise makers. Thanks Andrew ;)

We wrapped up our Christmas season with a visit from good friends who live in North Carolina.

{McKay wanted to hold 'the baby', hilarious}

 {Evie and Bella had a blast}

And that concludes a wonderful, family and friend filled, Christmas season.
I hope yours was equally as wonderful.



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