Saturday, December 31, 2016


After we got back from the Thanksgiving Florida trip we came home and decorated for Christmas. 

Between church and schools we had a couple holiday parties.

 {Des participating in a Polar Express train parade}

This year we went out to Utah for Christmas.
It's the first time I've been home for Christmas in eight years.

Flying standby during the holidays is sometimes dicey.
We spent a Friday evening at the airport and struck out.

{we did get to see a beautiful sunset though}

So we were back at the airport Saturday morning. 

Curt ended up on a direct flight with McKay and Evie, and Des and I flew to Phoenix.
Mom and Melynda dropped off a vehicle with Curt and took the littles home to nap, and Curt hung out downtown and at the airport waiting for Des and I to arrive (the Phoenix to SLC leg had been delayed). 

But we arrived all in one piece and all was wonderful.

{church with grandma and Londynn}
{early mornings with kids still kind of on Georgia time}

{views of the frigid sunrises from mom's kitchen}

We got to stop in and see the home Lane and Kinsey are having built.
They should be able to move in relatively soon. Exciting stuff.

Attended Shane's choral concert.

{just a beautiful sight on one of our drives somewhere}

Tuesday evening we went to Temple Square to see the lights.
We (mom and our family) got there early and checked things out, then Melynda and her family joined later.
It ended up being the warmest night we were in Utah so we lucked out, kids can get miserable once extremities freeze. 


{local high school choral groups were presenting in the assembly hall}

{the tabernacle decked out in holiday finery}

We were walking around and Curt randomly saw some of our best friends who live in Michigan.
Love small world moments.

{Hello Quinns, fancy seeing you here}

We stopped in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building to let the kids thaw out while waiting for Melynda and her crew. 

We got some dinner then headed out for round two with the bigger group.

 {Heading out past the Macy's holiday window displays made of candy}

 {City Creek Mall during the holidays}

We did traditions from my childhood.
Decorating mom's homemade sugar cookies, complete with the same cookie cutters. 

{the baby 'helping' with decorating}

While in town, I got to go meet up with some friends for dinner (no photographic evidence), and Curt met up with a friend for lunch. 

Visited with a couple of my cousins and a favorite aunt and uncle.

{the kids loved playing with their kids, and Evie was in love with all of the costumes my cousin has collected for her girls}

Christmas Eve day we went out to breakfast with Dad and Jann.
Probably much earlier on a Saturday morning than they wanted, but they were good sports with our kids' early rising. 

{mmmm, bacon}

 And then we went and visited at their home for a bit.

{checking out the kitty, who wanted nothing more than to run away from them}

Then we visited with Lane and Kinsey at mom's.

 {this train is a highlight of the Christmas season for all of the grandkids}

{Nixon and McKay, born 20 days apart}

And that's quite enough pictures for now, we'll leave Christmas Eve and Christmas for another post.


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