Monday, December 12, 2016

a Florida Thanksgiving

This year we went down and stayed with Curt's parents in West Palm Beach for Thanksgiving.
It was fabulous weather and we were able to see all of Curt's immediate family.

Jeff and Alison were there the whole time we were with their kids, Riley and Taylor, so a lot of cousin time was had.

{Shauna just set up a grandkid play area on the back patio and it worked so well}

{the kids were scared of the dog when we first got there, but warmed up to him}

The one day everyone was able to be there (Katherine had to go back to Gainesville for work) we took family pictures.

*The following family pictures were taken by Shauna's friend, Lois Spatz*

Then she offered to take some maternity pictures, which was so nice. I've never had pictures done just of me in any of my pregnancies.

 Thanksgiving day I spent the morning in the kitchen.
Grandma and Grandpa Hogie and Uncle Brent came down from Orlando.
I made my stuffing, some rolls, and cooked carrots. 
Alison made pies, Grandpa made gravy, and Shauna the whole rest of the meal.
It was a feast.

{the kids were excited to draw with aunt Megan, who is an artist}

{Evie with her great-grandma}

The next day we took the kids to the fountains on Clematis, which they had fun with.

{a beachy sand Christmas tree}

The kids fell asleep on the way home so Curt took a detour for me to ogle some beautiful houses on Palm Beach Island while they napped.

{cousins doing the gator chomp}

{getting read to by Grandpa and Uncle Hoss}

And then we drove back home, having had a good holiday vacation with family. 

 {the boys watching pizzas get made at our Domino's stop for lunch on the way home}

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