Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Epic trip of 2015: part VIII; a Utah Thanksgiving

We got to mom's and straightway celebrated Evie's 3rd birthday, which had occurred when we were gone.

Mom doesn't usually put up the Christmas decorations until after Thanksgiving, but made an exception this year so that my kids could experience that magic too.

They were well taken care of and well loved while we were away.
McKay was so mad at me that he very vocally preferred grandma until we got back home to Georgia.

I was so happy to see the babies again.
And so exhausted and jet lagged.

The Tuesday before Thanksgiving I got together with a group of my friends some of which I haven't seen since shortly after high school graduation.
Oh it was so much fun.

We took a picture emulating one we took in high school, Corinne stood in for Minh 
{we missed you Minh! It would have been perfect if you were in too, but we understand Louisiana is a bit far away to accomplish that}

Curt flew back out to us Wednesday afternoon and Dad picked him up from the airport.

And then the night before Thanksgiving we had a feast with my family, who I haven't celebrated Thanksgiving with since I moved away in 2008. 
I didn't document this very well, but I loved it and I love my family.

And then, on actual Thanksgiving, Mom and Dad/Jann ferried us up to the airport so that we could fly home.

Thus concluding our truly epic November trip.

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