Thursday, December 17, 2015

Epic trip of 2015: part IV; Corfu, Greece

Monday's stop was Corfu, Greece.

Corfu has two forts, the 'old fort' at the far end of the old town and the newer fort (still several hundred years old).
Most people paid for the shuttle bus from the ship, which dropped them off in a square by the old fort which they also needed to pay to get into. Very touristy.
We walked into town (not that far at all), climbed the newer fort (for free and and not crowded).
Better deal in my opinion.

{the 'new' fort}


Then we wandered around old town.

{of course, stopping for the good stuff}

{the 'old' fort as we were cruising away}

That night was the first formal night at dinner. It's fun to dress up. 
Didn't get a good picture of it though. 

I got some pictures, mostly on the sly, of our table companions. 
Seriously enjoyed their company. 

{David and Jillian from Yorkshire}

{Jeff and Lynn from Leicestershire and South Hampton}

{Derek and Julie from Nottinghamshire}

{Peter and Shirley from Wales, you can see our waiter and assistant in the background, Eduardo from the Philippines and Ivanna from Ukraine}

And here's some lame pictures of pictures, but I wasn't about to pay something like $25 per picture.

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