Monday, December 21, 2015

Epic trip of 2015: part V; Chania, Greece

On Tuesday we stopped in Chania, Greece.
I heard it pronounced 'Hania' too though.
Originally this day was supposed to be Athens, but there were some sort of scheduled protests going on there so Royal Caribbean chose to (in the words of the ship's captain) take the road of 'overabundance of caution' and switch the Chania and Athens port dates.
Worked for me.

This port was a little different in that the 'old town' (generally the prettier, more touristy spot) was not on the side of the island that the cruise port was on so we took an inexpensive shuttle bus in.

{I like the juxtapositions of old and new that happen all over the place, like the fountain with Domino's in the background}

I saw something at the end of a side street that looked like a trail going up somewhere so we took it.
Love me some views from above.




We spent a relatively short time at this stop and we were ready to head back to the ship, but we stuck around for a while longer so that the kids were awake and able to Facetime for a minute.

 I wanted to include the next picture just to remind me that we spent a lot of time in different comfortable chairs on board reading.
Our room didn't have a window, but that was fine as there were so many hang out spots with views.

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