Thursday, December 4, 2014


Thanksgiving was a memorable one.
For one night we had 16 people sleep under our roof.
I think it worked out really well though, and it was very good to spend time with family.

Wednesday evening Curt's parents, sisters, grandparents, and uncle arrived.
Thursday was the grand feast and some leaf (, pine needle) pile making and jumping.
Friday a group went up to Atlanta for what seems to be the obligatory Hostetler/Hoglund Varsity visit.
{the Varsity is a notable fast food place right by Georgia Tech}
Friday night Curt's brother and his family arrived.
Saturday morning the first crew headed out and Sunday morning the last crew headed out.

{great grandparents meeting the newest addition}

{pile on grandma}

 {journal updating}


{auntie Alison with the baby}

{Des learned Uno during this visit and has wanted to play constantly since then...he's actually pretty good at it}

{goodbyes to the ones heading out Saturday morning}

 {cousins out playing in 'the field'}

{the lighting was really good Saturday afternoon so we headed outside for some pictures}

{too bad I already had the Christmas card submitted to be printed, I like this family picture better than the one used.  Oh well}

Such a good time.

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