Monday, August 11, 2014

visitors from North Carolina

I probably shouldn't have titled the last post 'visitors' because it's likely four or five of the next posts could also be described that way.
What a fun thing though, to have more visitors on the near horizon than we had the entire five years we lived in Michigan.

At any rate, this past weekend Ryan and Kao Nu came down from North Carolina with their Bella, whose birthday is only two weeks away from Evie's. They were so very cute together. In fact, as I'm putting this post together every time Evie sees a picture she interrupts with an excited pointing and a "Bella!".
It was really awesome to see good friends.

{lots of hand holding and hugs}

As seems to be the thing we do with visitors, we went to Stone Mountain.
Good thing we got the annual parking pass.
But this time we went for the day time activities instead of the night.

We took the lift up to the top and took a look around...


It had rained the night before so any depression in the stone was filled up, which the kids loved.

 There's a way to hike up to the top from the back side that we might come and do with the kids in the Fall or Spring when it is cooler.

When we came back down the park had a guy making bubbles in the big field for kids to chase.
I think this was a bigger hit than anything we paid for :)

{those curls}

{not my kids, but I thought the bubble mid-pop was cool}

{this aptly shows how much fun he was having I think}

Then we went on a train ride around the mountain.
I don't quite think that this was worth it. It was hot, hot during the wait. The train barely went fast enough to stir a real breeze, and it wasn't that scenic. 
But hey, I guess we can now say we've experienced it. 

And we'll end with some Evie cuteness, hot and sweaty curls included.

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