Tuesday, August 19, 2014

visitors from Gainesville: bat cleanup

We were really excited to have Curt's brother, Jeff, and family come up to stay for a bit last week.
Des and Riley are only four months apart and they have baby Taylor to squish and kiss and cuddle on.

Thursday Alison and I just hung out with the kids as Curt had work and Jeff spent the day job searching.

 {Evie is in love with baby Taylor}

 {showing Riley 'the rock'}

{so, so cute}

Friday we all got to hang out again as the boys (Curt and Jeff) were on bat cleanup duty.
We had bats in our attic. A part of our attic you can't get to from the attic access. And bats are gross and poop a lot.
Luckily they vacated on their own so we didn't have to get on the roof to install a bat door (which lets them out but not back in).
But we needed to take the ceiling down in our bonus room to clear the guano and seal up our house.

{see all that daylight? yeah, not impressed with the contractor who put on the addition. openings like that should not be there}

 {the boys taking a break in their gear...suits (with hoods), goggles, respirators}

{Evie wanting to be like the older boys and hang from some swinging handles, she actually did pretty awesome}

  On Saturday we went to a ward lake day.
The kids had fun playing in the sandy mud.

{Evie and her pen art on her legs}

Sun + play = zonking out on the way home

 Sunday we went to church and then our visitors headed back south.
We had a great time.

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