Thursday, July 31, 2014

visitors from West Palm Beach

Curt's parents and sisters were traveling this week for the sad circumstance of attending a good friend's funeral.
Happily for us that travel brought them close enough that Shauna and the girls stopped by to stay for a bit afterwards.

We went to the Coke Museum in downtown Atlanta and then stopped off at the Varsity for lunch.

{Katherine, Shauna, Megan, Evie, Des}

{I liked the bottle they had built out of circuit boards}

{an emphatic 'no' about something}

{most people's favorite part, the tasting room at the end where you can try a bunch of Coke's products, including international flavors, without limit}


{this colorful wall doesn't really scream 'I'm at the Coke museum', but it ended up being one of the most fun photo backdrops because of the fun colors and the light} 

Then last night we went to Stone Mountain again.

{bug spray is an essential}

And now they're all packed up and headed back down the Florida interstate.
Fun, quick visit.

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