Thursday, August 21, 2014

brief visitors

Also on Friday, same day as the bat cleanup in the last post, I briefly got to see my cousin Brian and my uncle Kieth.

{pictures from years past, unfortunately I didn't catch any of them on Friday}

Since we got the Expedition back in March our Explorer had just been sitting in the garage.
Its registration expired in May and we had to decide whether or not we wanted to pay to register/insure/upkeep a vehicle we never use anymore.
We chose not.
But, I didn't really feel comfortable selling as its history is kind of a family car.
It started as my uncle Scott's, he passed it on to my grandpa, grandpa passed it on to Melynda, and then we got it from Melynda when we needed a second vehicle when I started staying home after Desmond was born.
So I started feeling out family. Immediate family didn't want/need it (obstacles of it being a gas guzzler and sort of being located across the country from anyone contributed).
So on went the search to extended family.
Thus the happy ending of Brian flying out to drive it home with him, Keith coming to help with the drive as he was on his way home from a work trip anyways.
Perfect solution, and it was really good to see them both, even if it was only for a morning.
And they made it home by Saturday evening.
Whoa, that's almost 30 hours of driving with little to no breaks.

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