Thursday, July 2, 2009

North Carolina

Last December we attended the wedding of Curt's good friend Ryan to Kao Nu.
Well, Kao Nu has a lot of family, many of which are out of the country; so they had a full blown reception this past weekend in North Carolina (where Ryan and Kao Nu live).
We're always up for attending these kind of things, so we jumped in the car and drove down for the party.

Me, Kao Nu, Ryan, Curt
Sorry, I didn't have the flash turned on, so even with some tweaking the picture isn't that great.

They had spent hours decorating the church.
Kao Nu is Mong and her family is from Laos. They served traditional food, yummy.
Half of the program was in the Mong language, which was entertaining.

The party was great, but so was the drive.
We drove through Ohio, West Virginia, and part of Virginia to get there. It was my first time seeing any of the Virginias.

So, here is a small sampling of the pictures I took while Curt was driving:

Can you tell I love bridges?

The capital building in Charleston.

Charleston is a funny/beautiful city that has been built right on top of a river and surrounded by steep hills (see below).

Something that made me smile:
Friday our flowers on our front porch looked like this...

...and Sunday when we got home they looked like this...


...and we had a couple of these dainty things...
gosh I love flowers

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