Sunday, June 1, 2014

Downstairs at Ten Months

OK, time for a house snapshot.
The last time I did this was December, so the 'before' references are decorated accordingly.

Don't quote me on this, but I think I'm actually going to get around to doing an upstairs post this week.
It's only almost been a year, right?

Foyer in December...

...and the foyer now.

Almost finished with the {never-ending} trim project. Just one more coat of paint to go.
But I love what it does to the space.
Oh, and I painted the front door black.

and I painted the wood on the stairs the trim color.
I'm likely going to stain the hardwood floors darker, and I really really didn't want to have to sand all those nooks and crannies and around all of the railing spindles.

Piano room in December...

...and now.

I've talked before about how the lack of lighting in this home was one of the things that bugged me most.  Well, pulled the trigger and had an electrician come in to fix some of the most egregious offenses.
One of the easiest fixes {and thus, least costly} were the two sconce lights we put in this room.
They just ran the wire up from the switched outlets below, voila.

The next step in this room is to paint. The dirty yellow is slowly being eradicated.

The powder room in December...

...and now

Hung some artwork and switched out the mirror.
I know you can't see it in the before picture, but the old mirror frame was basically the color of the wallpaper.
I like the high contrast of this mirror I found by the side of the road in Michigan and then painted.

Kitchen in December...

...and now

Woot woot, the fluorescent obscenity is gone.
I mean, there's still a bunch of messed up drywall, but I'll get to that, we're taking good steps here.
New can lighting, boxes for pendant lights over the island.
I love the kitchen so much better now with harsh lighting gone and some of the previously dark corners illuminated.
Harder to tell in pictures, but for me the in person difference is huge.
Life is good.  

...and we got a light installed in our {previously very dark, currently very messy} pantry.

Dining room in December...

...and now. Yep, nothing changed.

Eat in area in December...

...and now. No real changes.

Living room in December...

...and now.

This room had four can lights added too. So much better.
Of course the electricians nicked a water line while working in the ceiling so that was fun. 
I love extra drywall repair {not true}. 
Worth it anyways.

And do you remember this artwork pile behind the couch?  Not there anymore.

but let's not end this tour with a messy shot.

Let's look at the {almost} finished trim in the hall again...

I'm lacking on before photos, but there was an old yellowed alarm speaker, a huge yellowed doorbell cover, and a bulky thermostat control that got replaced.  Much less obtrusive.

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