Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Family, Boston, and Newport

This past weekend Curt was able to take off Friday and Monday to make a long weekend.
We flew up to Rhode Island to spend some time with Curt's aunt, uncle, and cousins and to check out a few cities we had never seen before.

Friday morning Jenni dropped us off at the train station and we rode in to Boston.

It was rainy, so we didn't have very high expectations of what we were going to be able to see, but it turned into a light misting about when we arrived so it wasn't bad at all.

Our plans were pretty simple, take a driving tour around the city.
But before we headed to do that we decided to get some lunch.
We went to Galleria Umberto on Hanover...so good. 
If you go be aware that it's cash only, lunch only, but there's a line to the door for good reason.

The kids fell asleep in the stroller, pretty cute.

 We then walked to the Museum of Science, which was where our tour left from.

We went on a duck tour, which is on a bus like contraption that can also go in the water.
Perfect way to see a city when you have bum knees or little kids to schlep around and entertain.

I loved Boston.
Such history. So many juxtapositions between old and new. A major city, yet not huge.
The colonial style is one I really like.

After the city part of the tour the driver drove the boat into the river.
Then called up Des from the very back row to drive us around for a bit.
Made his day, mine too.


Then we rode some trains back to Warwick and visited for the night.

My little carnivore, she absolutely loves hamburgers and hot dogs.

 Saturday morning we went to Max's soccer game.

He plays goalie and one other position that I'm not savvy enough to know what the heck it is.

Des kicking the ball back and forth with uncle Robert.

After that we met up with the rest of the family at a local parade commemorating the sinking of the Gaspee. Pretty fun.

The start of the parade happens to be right at the LDS chapel, so the young women do a pancake breakfast fundraiser for camp. It was yummy.

Curt, Evie, and aunt Jenni

Des sitting on Max. They are buds, and Max is so nice to him.

Des and Christian

Sophie running the cash box for the young women

It was a fun event that the kids loved (except for the gun discharges, those were a little loud for them).

 Des and Max hanging out

Evie and some really great bed head

Sunday we went to church and then Jenni drove us around Newport to give us a flavor of another town while the babies napped in their car seats.

Beautiful homes, beautiful coast, and perfectly beautiful weather.

Jenni made us some really delicious food and the evening was spent visiting and telling Des to use a quieter voice {oh boy is he ever loud}. 

 And Monday we flew home and settled in before starting up real life again today.
It was a lovely weekend.
Thanks for the hospitality Robert and Jenni, we'd love to see you down here some time!

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