Monday, June 30, 2014

right now...

-is starting his second rotation at work
-is running even more. 
He was preparing for a half marathon that we were going to Michigan for him to do it with friends, but they cancelled that race.

-at week 23 of this pregnancy, second trimester is always so awesome for me
-still working on home projects. 
Patching the ceiling downstairs from getting can lights put in, about to pull the trigger on replacing the roof, and we just replaced a toilet and supply line valve downstairs that had developed a leak.

-is potty training.
Which is huge. We've tried off and on for months with dismal results (this kid has some serious stubbornness), but this weekend we finally rounded a corner. Today is day/night 3 of no diapers.
-loves doing his 'school stuff', which is a large kindergarten booklet I picked up at Sam's Club.


oh, those curls and that color, love

-has a rapidly expanding vocabulary. 
new words everyday. real talking feels somewhat imminent.
-is extremely affectionate.
very generous with hugs and kisses to us (and toys), and has figured out that kisses are closed mouthed and makes the *mwah* sound

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