Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A Birthday and a Boy

So I turned 30 at the end of last month.
It was a good weekend.  Curt's brother and dad came for a quick 24 hour visit, we went to Stone Mountain, and we had a really yummy barbeque with some friends.

For those who don't know {like I didn't}, Stone Mountain is this giant granite rock in the very non-mountainous Atlanta area that they've carved some confederate generals into and they have nightly firework and laser shows.
I have now experienced it and Curt got to relive that part of his growing up.

see, giant rock

the kids had fun running running running

see, we all were there in front of the giant rock :)

Des shading Andrew with an umbrella 

Curt's dad was here, at least that's what I'm imagining Curt was saying with this picture.

 Pretty birthday flowers.

And then on Monday we had my favorite doctor's appointment, the ultrasound.
Got to see the little baby wiggle around and to see that we're having a boy at the end of October.

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