Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Michigan House: final befores & afters

So, be forewarned, this is going to be a post with a lot of pictures, some of them repetitive if home before and afters aren't your thing.

It's fun for me though to have this review, so here we go.

When we closed on our house back at Thanksgiving time 2008 we didn't have a yard...we didn't even have a real driveway.

Here's how it looked last summer.  I feel like it looks pretty good for only spending several hundred dollars total, but it was a lot of work.  If we ever put in a new yard again, we're doing sod.

...and then it looked like this when we listed and they had the photographer come in...


...and then like this when we moved out...it was still early Spring with nothing growing yet...

Right before we closed:

When we listed:

From the realtor's photographer:

Empty after the movers left.  
It makes me feel good that there were improvements that still show well after all our things were gone.

 From the realtor's photographer:

I didn't include before pictures on the kitchen because the only thing that I did to it was paint the cream walls a very light gray and put on cabinet hardware...not too terribly noticeable.

 Front room at closing:

 From the realtor's photographer:

I wanted to show the entry, this is the closest "before" I have...a few days before it was done.

And when we were listing:

Different view of the front room at closing:

  From the realtor's photographer:

And all empty after the movers left: 

I won't post befores of the basement, you can see more details on that process here, here, here, and here.
But I did want to post the pictures the realtor's photographer took:

Skipping up to the second floor, here's the before of the kids room...

 ...and the realtor's photographer's after...

...and after everything was moved out...

Guest room before:

 ...awkward intermediate state...

 ...and realtor's photographer's after...

...and then empty again...

Upstairs bathroom before:

...and after...

Loft before:

 ...and after...

...and empty...

another angle of the after

and empty

Stairway before:

and after:

Master Bedroom before:
Master Bedroom after:

Master Bedroom empty:

another angle before:


a third angle of the after:

 and empty:

 and the master bathroom after from the realtor's photographer. 
This is another room that I only did paint in.

 Goodbye Michigan House. 
Goodbye yard that was backdrop for many a family picture...

...and goodbye home that we brought our first two babies home to.


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