Friday, February 1, 2013

Basement Update: Finished

When I last updated you on the progress in the basement (back in October), we had just had the drywall hung.
Well, in between then and now we had a baby and Curt had school, kind of putting a damper on the progress.
But Curt got down there and installed a floor and a toilet and after I physically got back up to speed I got down there and painted, tiled, plumbed, and did trim and other miscellaneous items galore.

And we're done.

{If you want to review the whole basement project: plans, pre-insulation, drywall}


Sharee said...

It looks, basically amazing (not that I expected anything else) - I LOVE LOVE the bathroom.

Alicia said...

It is beautiful!!!

Kellie Knapp said...

You guys are such freaking rockstars. Every time I see one of your home improvement, do it yourself amazingness, I die of jealousy....DIE. I hate you both and am so impressed all at the same time :) Really, it looks AMAZING. AWESOME JOB GuYs!!!!

Shauna said...

Beautiful!!!!!! And so exciting to see it all done. I am sure you are please and relieved all at one time. Enjoy!!!

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