Thursday, August 15, 2013

Mom's deck

Remember how I mentioned that when I was at mom's there was some concrete pouring going on?
Well, part of that was a large back patio, and I had them put in four footings while they were at it so that it was ready for a future deck.

Well, that 'future' deck wasn't too far into the future.
Here she is {with the yard in to boot}

She was smart and went with trex and vinyl so that she won't have to maintain anything.

...oh yes, that is a slide you see.  She's a fun grandma like that.

...all the better to enjoy the view...
I know I've shared most of these before, but it never hurts to look at beauty twice.

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Sharee said...

Wow! That turned out SO nice! I love it. Her house is also in a perfect position to enjoy the evening shade and watch the sun go down over the lake. Sigh... I am dreaming of a similar situation someday.

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