Monday, February 11, 2013

right now...

I used to blog a whole lot more before I had kids.
Which is a shame because blogging is my journal and I find myself wishing I had a better record sometimes.

So, here's a little bit of right now...

-finishing up the last two classes of his MBA at the University of Michigan
{he'll be done February 26th...time is tricky, it feels like it's taken forever yet flown by too}
-at church he's serving as the executive secretary, one of the organists, and a stake auditor.
-work deserves and will get its own post...later

-still staying at home with the kiddos.
I feel like I'm on top of the whole 'having two kids' thing when I am home.
The concept of going out somewhere with just me and them though is still slightly terrifying.
-finished the basement.  still savoring that.
-at church I'm serving in the stake young womens presidency

-turning two next week
-he's looking like a little boy now, he's lost that baby chub
-currently is loving letters
{he knows all of the capital letters and their sounds...when driving he's calling out everything he sees}
-he also cracks us up constantly with his ever expanding vocabulary and the sentences he strings together
-is OK with nursery now that the new year came and all of the older kids went to sunbeams

-is almost 3 months
-has gained her chubbers rapidly, was 12.5 lbs at the two month checkup
{which equals very kissable cheeks}
-lights up with a smile most times you look at her
-is very vocal with her own form of 'talking'...sounds like a cat to me
-has cradle cap something fierce
-still has red hair

{please forgive the blurry/cut off head...I want pictures with me and the kids, but am far from adept at the self timer as of yet}

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Sharee said...

Awww! Your kids are just so darn cute. I want to meet your baby so bad. She is precious. I love your blog posts. I never get to blogging anymore, but I wish I did. I would love for my mom to hear stories and see pictures from our daily life. We got a cute Leapster DVD in the mail and I was like, "Brandon, when did you get this??" Then I saw it was a "gift from Curt" - why in the world did you guys do that? That was so sweet. We miss you guys. Why, oh, why are we going to exactly opposite ends of the country. Please tell me why we are not moving closer together instead?

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