Thursday, February 21, 2013

maps as art

At the end of a post on the guest bedroom three years ago I was contemplating using a National Geographic map as art in that room.
Well, that never happened.
But I did use one for art in my room recently.

It was a total spur of the moment thing.
I was walking down an aisle in Target and *bam* there were three largish frames on clearance for $10 each.
I got them, not knowing what I'd use them for, but knowing I liked them.

After I got them home Curt reminded me of the map...awesome.
Cut it in thirds, popped it in, popped them up.


Ashley said...

I LOVE it! I love love love maps.

Abby (Diligent Joy) said...

These look great. I want to put a large canvas map on the wall in our basement once it's remodeled because I think maps are beautiful and I want to be able to reference it when needed. If my daughter and I read or hear about a certain place, I want to be able to point it out to hear easily.

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