Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Great Trek 2012: part I, Orlando

We started out on the Great Trek of 2012 by flying to Orlando on July 28th to celebrate Curt's Uncle Brent's 50th birthday and to see family.
Des was an angel on the flight out and slept for a chunk of it.
The actual birthday party was a hit and we got to see many family members and friends.
 Uncle Brent arriving

We stayed at a beautiful resort. 
We were in a building on one side of the bridge and the rest of the Hostetler clan was in a suite in the building directly accross the bridge from us.

Family picture of the whole group
Hostetler family (minus Andrew, who wasn't able to make it)

Cousins Des and Riley.
They're getting old enough that they're starting to interact with each other, so fun.
From Orlando, Curt flew home to Michigan for a few days of work, and I flew out to Utah.

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For Peter's Sake said...

Curt, you and the whole family look absolutely great! It's fun to keep up with what you guys are doing!

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