Sunday, September 9, 2012

Great Trek 2012: part IV, Utah again

After Yellowstone we all headed back down to Salt Lake for a special weekend.
Little Londynn was getting blessed and Shane turned 12 and was ordained a deacon.

First though, an update on the home that is being built for mom in Saratoga Springs.
While I was in Utah they dug the hole...
(The hole doesn't look like a hole because she has a walk out basement)
...but as of Friday the house looks like this...
...yeah I'm shocked at the speed they're building too..
She has awesome views like this...

(um, this is the view from the basement...*shaking of head in amazement*)'s a pretty good incline, so even when the lot behind her is built up the view of the lake will be there.
She closed on the West Jordan house a little bit after I left, so she and all of her stuff are at Melynda's until this one is done.
At any rate, back to the summary of the last shin dig at the house I spent my teenage years in...
Since everyone was dressed up I tried to get pictures
(with varying success, some people were just a bit fast at changing out of their nice duds)

Kinsey is the major reason I have any pictures of me from all of this trip...Thanks Kins.


The little ginger adorable.

As I mentioned, it was a special day for Shaners, turning 12 and receiving the priesthood.
He had requested homemade ice cream instead of a cake, but we still needed candle I improvised with some cookies.

...but then we brought out a surprise cake for mom.
She doesn't turn the big 5-0 until September 30th, but I won't be in Utah then and wanted to be there for something.  A cake will have to do. 

Just one more leg of this big long trip of mine to go...

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