Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Visit from Sharee

My cousin, Sharee, and I have always been really good friends.
We were pen pals through our teenage years and I saved up my monies to fly and visit her in California when I was 15 because our once a year-ish visit that our families coordinated was just not enough.

So when I found out that she and her family were moving just a couple of hours away for a summer internship, we both just knew that we had to put together a visit.

This is Sharee:

She came with her husband, Brandon, and their three cute kids.
It just so happened that my uncle Keith, her Daddy, was in town for work too, so we had a real party.

Curt, Des, Keith and Sharee's baby, Makaida

 On Saturday it was hot, so if we wanted to leave the house it needed to involve water.
So we went to a spash park/lake that a bunch of people in our ward have been going to.

Kyla, who has some of the longest eyelashes I've seen

Des was just as enthused about this lake and water entertainment as he was about Lake Michigan last week, which was not enthused.  But he lived through it.

Saturday night we stayed up really late talking.
I have that problem when you get me around certain family members, I just can't get enough of them.
Bright and shiny Sunday morning we got up for church.
Des was looking so cute.  Too bad I couldn't get him in focus.

After church we celebrated Kash's 3rd birthday, which was the next day, but it's always more fun to party with more people.
 Watch out, this next pose will melt you.  Love the red hair.

For some reason this is like the only picture I got of Brandon. At least he's smiling even though I gave him zero notice I was taking this.

Kyla was extra excited for Kash to open his presents.  I think she was ready to die of the suspense.

Hi husband, how you doin'?

Des enjoying the sugar.

Uncle Keith enjoying the sugar.

Keith is a really fun grandpa who the kids love to play with...
 ...he even humored Des' ball obsession and played catch over and over.

  I love seeing family so much.
 {we have the same eyes, we got them from our Grandpa Topham}

 Des enjoyed having other kids around.

 And it looked like we had a pretty happy birthday boy.

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Sharee said...

AHHHH CUTE!! I LOVE all of these pictures, well, except maybe the first one (14 pounds is NOT enough!)...Desmond looks so cute in his little church outfit. Your photography skills are amazing. We had SUCH a fun weekend. Best weekend in months. Thank you so much for being such a wonderful hostess. It really was perfect.

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