Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dressers Redo: Part II

The intro to this project was here, explaining that I am redoing 4 dressers, a mirror frame, and a bookshelf to go in my house.

To get started I wiped everything down really good with a damp rag and then let it dry.

Remember this antique beauty, my favorite of finds?

Well, half of its little rolly wheel bottoms were broken, plus I didn't like the look of them..., I popped them off...

...and put on some real dresser feet.

And remember its matching mirror frame?

Well, it had part of the top decorative piece knocked off... I took one of my saws to the other side... won't even notice once it's painted.

Then we sanded away, scuffing up all of the surfaces.

I didn't like most of the hardware (drawer pulls), so I took all of them off.
Since I am painting these instead of staining, I just filled the holes with spackle, waited for it to dry, and sanded it down.

And now, my friends, we are ready for primer.


katie k said...

this reminds me of my 9th month of pregnancy when I was repainting all my furniture. can't wait to see what you do!

Cathi said...

Hi Carmen!
I can't wait to see the finished project!
After my first husband left...I "distressed" our, no, my beautiful bedroom set and made it more beautiful. I painted the entire set hunter green and with a finish of flat ivory. I banged it up with a hammer and sanded the heck out of it with bits of green and raw wood peering through the ivory here and there. I love it!
Keep up the work Carmen. You inspire me!!

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