Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Florida: Origins

We're going to Florida day after tomorrow.
So, in celebration of that I thought that I would break out some pictures of the first time I went to Florida with Curt.

It was kind of weird.

You see, it was May of 2005 and Curt and I were on month 5 of our second round of dating.
I was dead set on breaking up with him.
It was going to be soon.
I don't know that he was so sure of me either.
But the plane tickets were amazingly cheap and I was up for a vacation, so weird or not I went.

Curt and I with Katherine and Megan.

Curt's parents took us on an airboat ride through the Everglades.
It was cool.

Me getting ready to leave on the airboat.

An alligator coming to get us.

A little alligator by my knee...

...did I mention it was near my knee?!

This peacock was at the airboat place. He was trying to show us who was boss.

I should have taken more pictures...but you know how it goes.

Fun and interesting trip.
Curt's dad had a talk with him about playing with fire.
{snicker...yeah, that was me}
I thought that was hilarious.
What a good dad.


Jared said...

Looks like fun!

So? Did this trip ultimately change your mind about Curt? There's got to be more to the story!

Carmen said...

Um...I suppose it contributed. Directly after this trip I left for Phoenix to live with my grandparents for the summer while I did an internship. At the end of the summer he flew down to drive back up to Utah with me. I was still planning a break up...but couldn't seem to do it when it came right down to it. (You see, I had this missionary who I loved and had planned to marry ever since forever and I was already a part of this missionary's family and everything). It was messy and uncomfortable and emotional, but I did obviously eventually marry Curt. :)

Ashley Cooper said...

How funny; I remember when you went on this trip! I was absolutely shocked at how little luggage you were taking!

katie k said...

that is so funny. i had all these plans for dumping Franc too, but then I kept making plans with him, and making things for him, and well, eventually I changed my mind too:) I didn' t know we had that in common!

KYoho said...

I actually remember that trip, because I was in Florida on summer break. I remember going to CityPlace with you, Curt, and Jeff. I'm glad you decided to stick with him!

Carmen said...

Hey, all this reminiscing is fun. We should all do it more often.

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