Sunday, September 20, 2009

Florida Trip: Melvin & Lauren Wedding

We went down to Florida for two reasons:
1) to attend the wedding of Lauren and Melvin, both of which have grown up with the Hostetler family.
2) to see the whole Hostetler clan all in one place for this year.

The wedding went great. It did rain, but everybody worked around it and had a good time anyways.

The bride and groom with a niece and nephews.

The Orlando Temple pretty.
I ran into my aunt and uncle who were down from Jacksonville for a youth temple trip.
Pretty big coincidence that we were there on the same day at the same time.
Unfortunately I didn't take a picture.

Loved her dress, it has so many pretty details.

Lauren with her sister, Lisa, and her little boy.
She has #2 on the way.

Hostetler Boys

Group waiting outside the temple.

Lauren's sister Meghan.

The cake.
The reception was held at the Watson homestead down in Wellington.

Melvin got his own groom's cake styled after a hamburger, a nod to the Watson McDonald's businesses, one of which Melvin manages.

On the drive from Orlando down to Wellington we headed to the beach.
Fun...and good people watching.

After church on Sunday Melba was recruited to take Hostetler family pictures.

Katherine was wearing a *wow* red dress while everyone else was somewhat muted, so I made the pic black and white.

The brothers.

Ahhh, the classic pose.

We got to spend Monday with Andrew and Grandma and Grandpa Hoglund before we had to go to the airport.
We played a rousing game of Skip-bo, which Grandpa soundly beat us all at.
I love spending time with Curt's grandparents.

Overall the trip was a well needed break and now we are looking forward to our trip to Utah for Christmas.

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