Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Dressers Redo: Part I

I have vowed with this house I am going to stop having my projects be on just the stuff that stays with the house (trim, built in shelves, crown molding, etc...all of those things I cannot bring with me when we sell).

So, over the past month or so I have been collecting furniture pieces for as cheap as I could find them.

First we saw a dresser by the side of the road for free.
Then I found an absolutely beautiful antique dresser and mirror frame at a yard sale for $10.
You have no idea how quickly I snapped that up.
Then our friends Priscilla and Oliver moved and practically gave away their whole. entire. house.
We were a beneficiary and received two dressers and a bookshelf.
{and a rocking chair, and food, and anything else Priscilla put her hands on...way too generous those two}

Now, Curt is very patient with me and my projects, but about this time he started hinting that our garage was starting to look like some sort of furniture store.
So I took the hint and got out my drop cloth...

Have I mentioned how cool my super huge canvas drop cloth is?
Just once or twice {or every time I use it}


...Dresser #1 from P+O...

...Dresser #2 from P+O...

...Dresser from the side of the road...
{sorry, forgot to take a pic with the drawers in}

...and the item I am just tickled to pieces about, the antique dresser from a yard sale...

It is solid wood and has dove tailed drawers.

It has pretty carvings in it.

And it came with this gorgeous matching frame.

Awww, aren't they all so pretty together in this room?
The only problem is they don't match in any way.
I'm fixing that.

I'll show you how as I go along.

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