Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Security Measures...

So, starting with this past weekend, the weather here has been very beautiful.

Because of the warm(er) temperatures, we happened to be outside on Sunday afternoon and struck up a conversation with our new neighbor who also happened to be outside.
After talking for a bit he brought up that he had seen a couple of older teenage boys over from the wrong side of town messing with our window well grate while we were gone.
(Don't worry, George...yeah, we're now on a first name basis... was awesome and went and stared at them until they left).
Well, I have an over-active imagination and I was bothered to the point that I had to do something. If it wasn't the Sabbath I would have done it right then. But as it was, Monday after work I dropped Curt off at school, stopped by Home Depot for supplies, and...
(after making one more stop at the grocery store... man we go through milk...)

...I chained the stinking thing down! Take that, potential theiving criminals!
I had two, one foot sections and one, three foot section of chain cut for me; bought a couple packs of locks; got out my trusty drill and drill bit set; attached biggest bit from mentioned drill bit set; drilled two holes through the window well; and locked it down...it's not going anywhere.
It's currently not against fire code as this window doesn't need to be an egress since our basement is unfinished.

I also covered both basement windows with the cheap-o temporary blind stuff so no one can see in and see all of my tools.

And while I was at Home Depot I figured I'd check another thing off of my to-do list and get light sensors for my exterior lights.
They're easy peasy; you just screw the bulb into the bought sensor and then screw the sensor into the socket.
It turns on just as soon as it gets dark...

...and turns off when the sun, er, flashlight comes out.

And all installed and done before heading out to pick up Curt from class. Nice.


Angie said...

You are amazing!!

Alicia said...

That is so cool. I learn so much from your blog. You are quite a lady to do all that!

Lori said...


where you readers come from