Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Loft sneek peek

Well, first off, here is an early morning picture of the car right after we had it washed.
I just couldn't resist, its been killing me to look at it while it was so grody.

And, how cute is Curt?
He made the following (delicious and pretty) Boston Cream Pie (cake).

In other news, our backyard is practically washed away from this past weekend of
non. stop.
torretial pouring rain.
OK, so I may be exaggerating a little bit, but seriously, look, it was bad.
(did I use enough commas yet?)
I can't wait until we can plant grass.

But hey, a rainy weekend is the perfect time to take this wall... this.

More before pics and more {finished} after pics will be posted after I can be home when it is light out and can get decent pictures.

*I'll be posting more about it, but I got these wall decalls from right on the walls*


Casey and Kaydee said...

Sweeeet. We miss you around here girl.

Carmen said...

I miss you guys too Kaydee! I am coming out for a week in if you guys are around I'm totally coming over.

Sheena Chaston said...

That rain in your backyard definitely looks bad. We had quite a bit of rain as well, but since we live uphill from a lake all of our rain water just runs right in. And the wall looks great!

Carmen said...

Thanks Sheena!

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