Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Old Pictures: Editing for Free

I'm a little crazy for pictures.
I love them.
I love seeing a time and place and people preserved.
So it pains me when old pictures are hard to make out, and it gives me intense satisfaction to make them even a little bit better.

I made the following improvements in Google Picasa, which is free.
Free + Improving Pics = Very Cool

This is Grandma L and some kids in a rock arch formation.

Grandpa L and some kids

Grandma L with Bev, Roger, and Barbie

Bev, Barbie, Roger
David, Daddy (Steve)
The before picture wasn't so bad on this one...but I love this picture so.

Sheila, Grandma L, Cindy, Daddy (Steve), Marsha
(and I think that is Barbie and Roger in the background)

David, Bev
Grandpa L, Barbie, Marsha, Grandma L, Roger
Daddy (Steve), and Sheila

*I would love corrections if I have mislabeled people*
**and I'd be happy to email any pictures to anyone who is interested**


Angie said...

Carmen, Awesome job! I would love a copy of those pictures if you could e-mail them to me?? our e-mail is caseystelter@msn.com

Karalee Ann said...

Nice job they look tons better! E-mail them to me too karaleeann1@yahoo.com Thanks!!

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