Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Lane!

This is my Lane.

He is my partner in house project related crime and I missed him terribly when he was gone on his mission.
Then I moved to Michigan and I miss him terribly again.

Funny thing, when I went to look for pictures to do Lane's birthday post, what position could I find him in in a good portion of pictures containing him?

Yeah, that's a good representation, he loves napping.

It's also hard to get a picture of him where he is not making a face.

It is extra super hard to get him to not make a face if Melynda also happens to be in the picture.

He builds stuff good.

And he is a good friend to his 'boyz'.

...and he's really buff...

(but he really doesn't like when I say so or post pictures of it, he says he looks like a "poser". But I just think he is cute and humble so I post it anyways)

Happy Birthday my little brother!
Love you!

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Angie said...

All those pictures of him sleeping remind me of your dad. That's so funny!

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