Saturday, March 7, 2015

right now...

-is still plugging away at work and as the ward cubmaster, organist, and music chair

{photo by Des}

-still doing cub scouts. We just had our Blue and Gold banquet, glad that's done.

-working on putting our house back together (still from the remodel and then additionally the leak)

you can see a picture from my last check in here, and then here's one of right now:

we've had carpet replaced, drywall installed (and then repaired), hardwood floors refinished
we've tiled one bathroom, installed a bunch of trim, painted the kitchen ceiling
we're in the middle of doing bathroom counter tops and caulking for paint
still need to paint. oh so much paint. and work on the last bathroom.
there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

 -turned four while we didn't have access to the kitchen (refinishing the floors), so had a really low-key celebration upstairs
-is sounding out and reading small words (bob books) and loves to draw and paint
-is filled with intense (and loud) emotion, whether happy, sad, mad, or anything else

-is pretty easy going, especially for a two year old
-must do whatever her older brother is doing
-now shares a room with Des at night
-is talking clearer and in complete sentences

I'm pretty darn excited for the sibling friendship that is developing.

-is a happy dude
-rolls all over the place
-just cut his two bottom teeth (crazy, he's barely 4 months old)
-is messing with my sleep, probably has something to do with the teeth


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