Friday, October 17, 2014

right now...

-is in the midst of finishing a busy time at work.
Good thing that's going to be winding down a bit as we'll soon have a newborn again. 
-has already met his reading goal for the year so he increased the number of books in the goal

-is at 38 1/2 weeks of this pregnancy.
This new baby boy can make his arrival at any time now, but I'm actually hoping to go a couple days past my due date.  It'd be much more convenient to have mom already here when I go into labor.
-is working on a pretty large home project I've labeled the 'bonus room reconfiguration'.

 Here's a picture from about 2 minutes ago...

-loves to boss Evie around.
She's generally amenable to it, but when she's not it usually ends up with Des yelling/tantruming and being put in his room.
-loves to sing. or yell/sing. or just be loud in general.

-is incessantly covered in marker.
-wants to pick out her own outfits
-loves to dance. She has some pretty hilarious moves.

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