Tuesday, April 7, 2015

a visit from Dad

Dad was going to be in town for a work conference last month so he came in a day early and stayed a couple days past when he would have to spend that time with us.
Most people come to visit and relax, indeed that's what we expect, yet Daddy doesn't sit still and he ended up accomplishing several things on my house to-do list before leaving.

 The biggest project was probably getting the wall mount faucets installed in the bathroom.
I'll do a full post on this later, but I do want to mention here that Daddy custom built metal back plates to make things better functioning and stable.
Yep, he's amazing.

{watching out the back window in the guest room}

{Desmond drew himself with me, Curt, and grandpa}

{Spring was unfolding}

 {a day outside raking up pine needles while Dad was at his conference}

 {the kids helped by picking dandelions}

When Dad came back he brought some rubber band helicopter things that we went out in the field to try.

{Daddy let Des 'help' with projects, which I love because those are cherished memories of my growing up too. Here he is taking notes of things Dad would call out to him}

{out to get some good Mexican food}

  {this was after Dad left, but I thought I'd tack it on because, you know, baby grins}

 I loved the time that we got to spend together.
Love that more people have reason to be in Atlanta, and so we get visited.


Ashley said...

Oh my word, I love the picture of Des taking notes while helping your dad!

Carolyn said...

Oh, I love your dad too! He has randomly shown up at my house to help with projects! He's the best!!

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