Wednesday, February 4, 2015

DC day trip

Last Saturday we flew up to Washington DC in the morning, took the train downtown, ate at Shake Shack, went to the National Museum of Natural History, walked across the mall to the National Air and Space Museum, took the train back to the airport, and flew home.
Busy, fun day.


{cute baby. he was my seat partner. Curt took the two older kids, good dad that he is}

{expensive but yummy burger}

{I was loving the finishes inside of Shake Shack} 

{such pretty architectural details}


My favorite section of the museum was about geology.
It had a bunch of gems, then a ton of rock specimens.
I've been a rock nerd since I was little.
Love it.


...walking across the mall, the capitol building was under construction... 

We only spent a little time at the Air and Space Museum because I wanted to get back to the airport with plenty of time...

...maybe a little too much time to kill at the airport.
But the kiddos got some energy out, had a little something to eat, and then we flew home.

{my goodness that's a cute husband I have there}

DC, we will be back to explore you some more another time.


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