Tuesday, September 2, 2014

new roof

So, we needed a new roof.
From ground level it was stained and showed its age, but the real problems were a few small leaks, a roof that was so degraded and slippery that even professionals didn't want to get up there, and of course our bat problems.

We were aware before we bought that it was only a matter of time, but we were hoping for two to three years, not one.
Oh well, it was time.

{picture from last Fall...you can see some of the age stains}
{area where the biggest of the slow leaks was coming through, an upstairs bathroom, after removing some of the drywall to check it out}

{roofing supplies delivered}

{large tarps laid down to receive the debris of the old roof as they removed it}

{two of our roofers, one excited to be in a picture}
If you look closely you can see some of the foam Curt used to seal up the top edge of the fascia board, one of the two bat entry points.
That brown part at the bottom right? Yeah, dirt and oil from the bats as they crawled behind the gutters and up under the shingles. So engrained it doesn't come off even with pressure washing, it will have to be painted. 

That big, black, circular thing you can see at the top/center of the roof line was a large attic vent.
We had them take it out, repair the roof deck, and replace it with ridge venting for a much cleaner look. 

{old attic vent after being thrown to the ground}

After the layer of felt paper is down. Please note the sun, not a cloud in the sky...

...and then a huge thunderstorm rolled in out of nowhere.

But then it cleared up and it was back to work.

{tarps out drying in the field after the rain}

Now I am glad that it is done.

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