Thursday, July 18, 2013

Great Trek 2013: part VIII, Utah in June

Before Curt left we were able to go to some friends of mine for an evening.

Curt said goodbye to his vacation scruff before heading back into the working world.
I got to watch as a huge amount of concrete was poured at mom's house, it was awesome.
A huge back patio, steps down the side of the house, a retaining wall, an RV pad, steps in the garage, and a retaining planting bed.
Whew. That is a lot.

Mom has an amazing view from her house.
Curt got me going away flowers.  Being apart always stinks.
Lane helped dad put some shelves up in his garage.
Evie and I went to spend some time with them.

We brought Shane along and he sanded down a wall of the horse barn.
I was able to visit with my cousin, Sharee, and a couple of her kids before she headed out of town.
She was in the midst of a post-graduate school out of state move also. 
Our kids are cute.

And then some more hanging out with the fam.
I miss them when I'm not near them.

One family dinner seemed to put everyone into a coma...these next pictures were taken at the same time in the same room.

A silhouette of mom wearing a fun shirt.

There was a fire that we were worried about one night, but they got it out pretty quickly.  Go them.

Just had to document Evie's workout that she does pretty regularly.
Abs of steel man.

Curt was able to fly in for part of father's day weekend.
Des showered him with gifts of the best kind.
We went out to Chile's in celebration of Daddy.

Ellie is one of my favorite picture subjects if it wasn't obvious by now.

It was too quiet for a minute...this is what we found.


And then Curt flew back just to meet the kids and I at the airport and to take the redeye back to Atlanta with us.
I think I'm going to like this whole free flying perk.
And thus ends the truly epic "Great Trek 2013".


Sheena said...

Carmen you take great pictures!

Carmen said...

Thank you much!

Sharee said...

Loved all the cute pics! SUPER jealous of the flight perks, except I probably would have flown back to Utah already... adjustments are hard when you don't have a house to make all your own and you just kind of feel cramped... dang Bay Area

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