Thursday, July 11, 2013

Great Trek 2013: part V, Mexico

From Salt Lake we flew with Mom and Shane to Cancun, Mexico and then caught our shuttle from the airport to our resort, Marina El Cid.
We had booked a two room suite so we could all be together in the same space, but holy smokes, the space we had was much nicer than expected.
For example, here was one view from our wrap around balcony:

The balcony...where we spent many hours just enjoying the breeze and sound of the crashing waves.
The beaches were soft and kept very clean by the staff, who would gather seaweed several times a day to keep stuff pretty pristine.

Can I tell you how nice it was to have my mom along?
It was like a date for every meal.
{kiddos in a restaurant=no fun, so we would go have a meal while mom and Shane were with the kids, then they would go to eat}
Hooray for more dates in one week than we've had during the rest of Des' lifetime.
We hit our 7th anniversary while we were there.
Time has flown.

Our bathrooms had showers, but no bathtubs, so the little ones got bathed in the whirlpool tub on the balcony.

I was lucky enough to capture many sunrises.
{Lucky because Des was still on Eastern time and so would rise at like 5:00am}

Des is going through a phase where he will only eat a few things...couple that with being in a foreign country, even a resort that caters to the tourists, and you get a week of basically cereal, yogurt, and milk...oh, and tortilla chips.
Thus you see why it would be a wasted effort to take him to the restaurants anyway.

Shane got his first sunburn in years.
It turned into a deep tan within days of getting home though.

Man, those colors in the water.  So pretty.

The two little teeth that broke through the gums on our drive to Phoenix.

The pool was neat...huge, with a cliff jumpy ledge into a deeper portion, slide, kiddie shallow portion, etc.
Shaners jumping.

Loved that we were there in what must be an off season...not very crowded.  I sure thought the weather was perfect.
Oh, Des did like the ice cream from the buffet.
Surprise, surprise. 

And one more gratuitous scenery shot from our rooms.
Overall it was an amazingly relaxing and beautiful week.

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Sharee said...

It looks like you guys had so much fun! Wish we could have gone with you, but things just didn't work out for us... another time!

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